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Loki is an enemy of Thor and the other Avengers. He is played by Tom Hiddleston in the Avengers movie. He is the step-brother of Thor.


After defeating the King of the Frost Giants, Laufey, in battle, Odin, the king of Asgard, found a small Asgardian-sized child hidden within the primary stronghold of the Frost Giants. The child was Loki, and Laufey had kept him hidden from his people, ashamed of his son's smaller size. Odin took the boy because he showed strength when Odin defeated Loki's father in combat, and raised him as his son alongside his biological son, Thor.

Throughout their childhood and into adolescence, Loki was resentful of the differences in which he and Thor were treated by the citizens of Asgard. The Asgardians valued great strength, tenacity, and bravery in battle above all things, and Loki was clearly inferior to his foster brother Thor in these areas. What he lacked in size and strength, however, he made up for in power and skill, particularly as a sorcerer.

During Thor's ceremony of becoming king of Asgard, three Frost Giants broke into Odin's vault to retrieve the Casket, an object of great power that once belonged to the Frost Giants. They were killed by the Destroyer, but Thor's ceremony was interrupted and he decided to use Bifrost to travel to Jotunheim to investigate the matter with the Frost Giant's king. However, it ended in a huge battle and after he returned, his father Odin branded him reckless and foolish and banished him to Earth.

Loki soon descovered that he was in fact a Frost Giant himself, and had been disguised as a god. When Odin fell into a deep sleep, Loki became king temporarily and he commanded the Destroyer to go to Earth and kill Thor. This attempt failed, and when Thor returned to Asgard, they had a climatic battle on the Bridge, which ended in Loki letting himself fall, disappearing into a wormhole.

In The Avengers, he returns to steal the Tesseract (the Cosmic Cube) and take over the Earth as king, so he bargains with a huge army of Chitauri to help him defeat the Avengers.

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